What Are Commerical Rice Cookers and Does Your Kitchen Need One?

Rice is a very popular food, whether as a side or the main course. Restaurants, especially Asian restaurants, have to serve lots of rice at once and find a way to keep it warm before serving it. Businesses are always striving for better ways to prepare and serve their delicious tasting rice.

This is where commercial rice cookers come in. Not only do they help businesses cook and serve big portions of rice at once, they also keep rice warm and make the texture all the tastier.

So if you have a business specialising in Asian cuisine, then you should read this article to find out everything you need to know about commercial rice cookers, what they can do, and why they are important.


Cooking Sushi Rice with a commercial rice cooker

Sushi rice will turn out wonderful in a commercial rice cooker. Why? Because sushi rice needs to have a specific texture, and when cooked in bulk, it can burn easily and ruin the flavour and consistency. Rice cookers ensure that you get the perfect texture and taste for your sushi rice.

This is only one example of why commercial rice cookers are good for your business. Read on to discover more about the different types of commercial rice cookers!

Gas or Electric rice cookers?

Which one is better? Gas or electric? There is no true answer to this question but let’s go over the reasons why both are great choices so that you can decide which one fits your company better.

Gas cookers obviously use gas instead of electricity. If your business already has gas lines, then this makes the most sense. Gas cookers are perfect for sushi rice as it mimics the most traditional way that sushi rice is prepared – creating a tasty authentic dish! Gas cookers also tend to cook really fast, helping you out when orders heap up.

Gas cookers also need to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure there is no blockage in the pipes that can keep steam from ventilating.


Should you go with an electric rice cooker?

Electric rice cookers are really easy to operate and are very portable since they do not need to connect with gas lines. Whether your business is small or large, electric rice cookers are a great choice.

Cleaning your electric rice cooker is also an easy and straightforward task, and you won’t need to worry about build-up or ventilation.

The Main Benefits of Choosing a Commercial Rice Cooker for your Business

There are many benefits that come with having a commercial rice cooker, especially since you will be able to serve more customers at once while also serving amazingly cooked and fresh dishes. Here is a list of the main benefits:

  • Easier operation – commercial rice cookers are easy to use; just add water and measure the rice.
  • Cooking large amounts – for busy businesses, the larger amount of rice that can cook at once, the better. This ensures lots of customers are served and satisfied.
  • Rice tastes better – because of the way the commercial rice cooker prepares rice, it ensures rice always comes out delicious.


If you are looking to upscale your business, then you should consider making the investment in  commercial rice cookers that last the distance. It will help you maintain and gain new customers as well as make the process of preparing rice easier.