Facts About Concrete Scanning

Whenever you are starting any construction projects, it is always advisable that you begin by locating underground utilities for the sake of your protection and safety.  Also this determines the continuity of your project.  Unfortunately, most people fail to begin by locating the underground utilities and therefore are left anywhere when they should cut, call or drill into concrete.  To ensure that you know when you are supposed to do all these, you have to make sure that you begin by scanning the concrete you will be drilling on.


What is Concrete Scanning?

Concrete scanning is a procedure that involves using a GPR or ground-penetrating radar to scan concrete walls, slabs, floors, tunnels, encasements, columns and other structures to locate Livewire,  Rebar,  cables,  conduit,  utilities,  pipes and any other embedded objects. The ground-penetrating radar uses radar pulses to locate and identify any subsurface objects.  Fortunately, the process is not only non-destructive but also does not disrupt any existing buildings.


Why is Concrete Scanning a Great Part of Construction Projects?

In case you are wondering why people consider concrete scanning before they begin on most construction projects, it is because concrete scanning is a part of this project. The following are some of the reasons why concrete scanning makes a great part of most construction projects;

  • It enhances safety in construction sites

In case you have never performed concrete scanning before starting your construction project, you would agree that it is possible for one to unintentionally strike any underground hazards.  This can lead to an unexpected accident where the people on the construction sites get fatally or seriously injured.  To ensure that this does not happen, the only thing you have to do is make sure that you know what is lying underground at your construction site. This can be made easier by carrying out concrete scanning before you begin on the project, thereby enhancing the safety of the people on the construction sites.

  • It protects peoples’ businesses

Although protecting and preserving the lives of people is very important, you also need to protect and preserve your business.  When you cut into or strike any other ground, you are putting your business at risk for penalties, fines, loss of reputation and budget overruns.  However, hiring a concrete scanning professional helps locate any underlying hazards in there to protect your business in return.

  • It saves on time

Concrete scanning house people in a construction site in Brisbane know where they should cut, core or drill preventing any damage on the subsurface objects.  Unfortunately, without concrete scanning, the subsurface object will be damaged and this leads to the development of your project.  Therefore people choose to carry out concrete scanning before they begin their construction projects to prevent derailment and save time.

  • It is money saving

While most companies can afford to hire concrete scanning professionals, they choose to ignore it. Unfortunately, they cannot afford to shut down a construction site for several hours or days and neither can they afford to replace the damaged equipment. Paying penalties and fines is also expensive, just like losing one’s reputation.  For this reason, construction companies are experienced using our GPR scanner technologies to prevent any damages that could lead to any of the above things. This helps them save so much money in the long run.