Why should you have drinking fountains in your office?

People have always been looking for a way that is convenient for them to deliver fresh and reliable water to the people in their offices. This is why office owners have water coolers or even water delivery services to ensure that everyone in the office stays hydrated and has access to delicious freshwater. Just like water coolers and water dispensers, drinking fountains have become popular features of offices, outdoor spaces as well as public buildings.

Drinking fountains are mainly used to offer instant water whenever you are passing by the fountain. They also have faucets making it easier for anyone to fill their cups or bottles. Today many people are using drinking fountains as additional or alternative water sources for their offices. In case you do not have the drinking fountains yet it can be difficult for you to understand why you need them in your office and at times you can underestimate the benefits of having drinking fountains in your workplace.


Are there any benefits of having drinking fountains in your office?

The following are some of the benefits of having drinking fountains in your office:

  • Provide access to freshwater

One drinking fountain has the capability of supplying water to thousands of people especially when you have an office that is located in high traffic areas. For this reason, if you have an office that is ever busy, you do not have to worry about providing enough fresh water to your employees as well as clients no matter how many they are.

  • They are eco friendly

Drinking fountains are usually environmentally friendly. For this reason, when you have the drinking fountains in your office, you will reduce the reliance on bottled water ensuring plastic bottles are not dumped in the environment leading to pollution. It also helps to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide due to the production and transportation of bottled water, therefore drinking fountains are eco-friendly.

  • They offer convenience

Drinking fountains are usually located at pivotal areas in the offices as well as public spaces. This means that anyone has the convenience of hydrating themselves when they are in the offices engaging in different office activities. Also, the drinking fountains require little maintenance and can be accessed any time of the day or night making them convenient for use in the offices as compared to any other types of drinks.

  • They offer versatility

Irrespective of whether you wish to install the drinking fountains outdoors or indoors, there are several varieties that you can add to the drinking fountains to suit the needs of the users. For instance, you can have carbon filters to provide filtered water,  refrigeration to offer chilled water, and bubbles for bottle filling. They are also available in different kinds of sizes and shapes allowing you to select the drinking fountains that are suitable for your office needs. All these things make the drinking fountains versatile.

  • They are economical

When you have an office you have to make sure that you provide an adequate amount of water to your employees and clients. This means that you get to spend so much on ensuring that everyone gets water while they are in the office. However, when you have your drinking fountains, all you need to spend is the fountains and plumbing costs rather than the overall maintenance costs. When you do this you will realise that you spend less unlike when you have the drinking fountains.

Final thoughts

In case you have been wondering why there are drinking fountains for parks and schools, it is due to the above reason. Therefore, you should also consider having these assets installed in your office. By doing this you will be able to provide access to adequate and reliable water to thousands of people visiting your office.