Handy Preventative Maintenance John Deere Tractor Parts

Owning a John Deere tractor also means regular maintenance to keep it at its peak. The only way you can make the tractor function and perform as great as newly bought for a long time is dedicated maintenance. This means that having the tractor serviced at every service milestone as well as daily maintenance is the smartest way to keep it in tip-top condition.

The scenario of your tractor breaking down in the middle of a project is all too familiar. Harvesting and planting projects can be delayed when the tractor shows an issue/s that needs immediate attention and repair.

When this happens, the quickest fix is what you need. And the best way to make quick repairs is to have handy preventative maintenance John Deere tractor parts on hand.

Routine repairs mean having these John Deere tractor parts within easy reach.



Electrical components have become part and parcel of all small or big tractors. A fuse serves as the protective component for all your machine’s electrical circuits. Fixing electrical problems is not always costly. A blown fuse is a simple and inexpensive issue to fix. Properly replacing them is easy and quick when the tractor’s ampere rating is clearly marked and fuses colour-coded.

Light bulbs

Immediately replacing burnt bulbs can seem like a minor problem that you’re tempted to overlook. However, your safety and the people working with you can be compromised when the tractor’s burnt warning lights, headlights, and taillights are not immediately replaced. Keeping stock of these specific tractor lights allows you to replace a burnt bulb when it happens.


The dirty work that tractors of all sizes do, in turn, makes them dirty as well. A day’s work of kicking up dust, dirt, and debris can compromise the tractor’s important components. The use of different types and kinds of filters helps to protect the various important parts of the tractor.

Air filters, fuel filters, and oil filters become worn and dirty after a hard day’s work. Replacing them as often as possible is the best way to protect the various parts of the tractor.

John Deere makes it convenient and easy by providing four-in-one filter packaging. Purchasing one package takes care of all the filter needs of your tractor. It’s best to stock on additional filters especially when the project demands a frequent change of filters.

Coolants and fluids

The best way to keep the smooth running of your tractor’s engine is to maintain its fluids at optimum levels. This includes daily checking of the tractor’s transmission fluid, engine coolant, radiator fluid, and hydraulic fluid. Replenishing the empty tanks of the tractor means keeping a good supply of important fluids around.

Bigger engine issues with your tractor are prevented when clean coolant is frequently replenished. This helps in preventing engine clogs, internal damage, and rust.

Zerk fittings

One of the daily maintenance chores to do is to grease your tractor. The tractor’s Zerk fittings and joints have to be regularly greased to make them last for as long as possible. Stocking on fittings is recommended to make it quick and easy to replace broken fittings as they happen.

Stocking up on John Deere tractor parts is an affordable option that saves you time and money in the long run. Contact us to know more about our available John Deere tractor parts.