Tips to Maintain a Boat

Like our beloved cars, boats require maintenance too for safety and smooth boating. With proper care and maintenance, you can trust your boat to serve you the longest time possible before dimming unfit for sea, lake, or river traveling. Boat maintenance goes way beyond the visual aspects of boat maintenance. Before going into the waters, there are certain aspects that you cannot see but require regular maintenance if your boat must last its optimal lifespan. There is care that your boat will require after every outing and those that you must schedule for a fixed period. Fortunately, many boat care services are manageable even without a technician or a mechanic. However, when major boat services and maintenance calls in, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional mechanic to keep maneuvering the waters with peace of mind. As for now, this boat care guide will help you handle mishaps of your boat.

The general ways that can help keep your boat in tiptop condition involve cleaning your boat and making sure that the engine and other moveable parts are well lubed. Just like you won’t drive a car without engine oil, you won’t ride a boat without engine oil to and at the right levels. Weather and debris do damage the exterior parts of your boat and it may require regular coating and waxing.

Tips that will help you keep your boat sparkling and in great shape for a long time

Keep the exterior clean: Besides beauty, there is an advantage in keeping the exterior of the boat clean. It helps keep at bay invasive species that can damage the exterior, besides animals and plants may hitch onto it when you ride. To keep and protect our waterways, it is critical to clean the exterior of the boat. It also helps keep the structure of the boat by removing debris and dirt for your boat to remain intact all the time. And lastly, a clean boat will perform efficiently and reduce fuel consumption significantly.

Proper storage: Protect your boat after every water exploration by storing it away from weather elements such as rain, ice, and direct sunlight. There are several options for storing your boat. First is outdoor storage, which is a popular method although it will require thorough coverage to prevent weather elements. Secondly, we have an indoor storage option which is an excellent storage option because your boat is kept free from weather elements such as rain, sunshine, mildew, rust, and more. And lastly, on-the-water storage, available in many harbours. This storage option is only practical if you have a larger vessel that requires a crane to lift it out of the water and you must have deep waters. Once you decide where to store your vessel in the water, all other maintenance practices must be done to keep it in tiptop condition until the next sailing season comes around.

Boat engine care: This should not be intimidating like most of us would like to think. Changing engine oil is an exercise you can DIY within an hour. By checking the levels of engine oil and other lubricants applicable to your boat, you enhance the lifespan and your engine will run for a long time within hitches or glitches. Change spark plugs when needed and get rid of trapped objects on the propeller after every outing.


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